Return to Moro (4 December 2010)

I originally planned on going to Rizal early this morning. But when I woke up at around 5:30AM, I was greeted by furious rain. I felt lazy all of a sudden. I wanted to stay in bed and sleep as long as I want. In the end, I ended up in the good ole Ateneo campus. After a short campus run, I did my dynamic stretching exercises in front of the good ole Blue Eagle Gym.

Afterward, I drove to the Moro indoor oval for my track workouts. My former college team was there as well, with Ultra closed to the general public (exclusive use for the national archers! Don’t they have their own archery field?). It has been so long since I saw the oval packed with so many tracksters!

For the first time in almost three years (I sound like a broken record uttering the aforesaid words), I did an honest-to-goodness sprint hurdling workout in Moro (thanks to Coach Mick!). In my junior year in college, I remember doing endless hurdling drills just to ingrain the correct technique. I’ve always considered Moro as the place where my hurdling dreams took root – and bore fruit.

Aside from a few adjustments at first, I was in my element throughout the entire training session. My body welcomed the hard feel of the regupol track. And those yellow and black hurdles – how badly have I missed them!

Special thanks to Paco Razon and Chert Chu for the videos!

Track workout:

5×3 junior hurdles (5 steps)

1×1 hurdle starts

1×2 hurdle starts

3×3 hurdle starts

3x100m sprints (all out)

Video credits:

Paco Razon

Chert Chu


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