16th Asian Games – 100m Hurdles

South Korea won another gold medal, this time on the track. Lee Yeon-kyung 이연경 (13.23s) held on to  first place, edging out Natalya Ivoninskaya (13.24s) of Central Asian powerhouse, Kazakhstan.  Fast-finishing Sun Yawei was three-hundredths of a second behind the Kazakh, hanging on to bronze. The promising Japanese Asuka Terada 寺田 明日香 faded in the last three barriers and clipped the 10th hurdle, stumbling towards the tape in fifth place (13.29s).

It was an exciting race, despite the relatively modest time.

Results from gz2010.cn

Rena Joshita 城下 麗奈 ran 13.48s in the semis, but opted not to compete in the finals, probably because of her fall in the qualifying rounds.

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