The Old College Try

I spent the morning of my birthday training for last Saturday’s PATAFA Weekly Relays. Fate, it seemed, had other plans. But because of my dad’s illness, it looks as if I won’t be able to prepare myself in time for the 4 Dec 2010. I can skip going to the hospital in the coming days just to sneak in a couple of workouts, but then again, I intend to be with my dad as often as humanly possible. Come to think of it, I spent a good chunk of my high school and college years training. My family life took a backseat. I never missed a track meet in that span of time. Indeed, a low-key tune-up meet like the PATAFA Weekly Relays ranks way below spending time with my sick father.

The thought of missing my long-delayed comeback brings forth a certain sense of sadness. Hence, I’ll try to fit in a training regimen designed to keep me in race shape, without compromising my after-office visits to the hospital. If things turn for the better, I might just make it in time for the 4th.

Last Thursday, I cleared the actual senior hurdles for the first time in almost three years. At first, I was hesitant to clear the 1.067m high barrier. My confidence grew exponentially after a few more tries. At the end of the brief but intense workout, I was ecstatic. In the past 10 months, never have I felt that near to my dream of competing in the sprint hurdles again. It can be done. All I need are 4 more sessions to put me into marginal race shape.

But then again, I ask myself, do I really want to return sub-par?

It remains to be seen. Whatever happens, I’ve achieved a lot in the past months. I shall give it the old college try!


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