Bill Conti – Going the Distance

Way back in the Christmas of 2003, I bought a complete set of the original five Rocky movies. The exploits of the rags-to-riches boxer fueled my desire to excel in athletics, not to mention fan the flames of a long-time interest in boxing.

I fell in love with Bill Conti’s dramatic, oftentimes triumphant score. Since then, the music from the series has become a staple in almost all of my pump-up play lists.

One of my favorites is “Going the Distance.” In my retirement, I have almost forgotten about the less popular themes of the movie. Whilst watching HBO’s 24/7 feature on the Mayweather-Mosley fight a few months back, I got goosebumps hearing the determination and perseverance so evident in the theme. Juxtaposed with the respective pre-fight training regimens of the two boxing greats, I began listening to “Going the Distance” again.

In the past ten months, I experienced the most challenging phase of my athletic career . The sheer difficulty was not because of physical factors. It was psychological, considering the fact that I train alone.

Indeed good, conducive workout music goes a long way in making a workout more meaningful and holistic.

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