Expression (20 and 21 November 2010)

I was all set to compete last Saturday morning. Despite my father’s illness, I was dead set on running the 100m dash – my first competition in almost 3 years. After 10 months worth of training solo, injuries and personal tempests, everything was set into place. Or so I thought.

In light of my dad’s condition and my brother’s scheduled vacation, the duty to watch over my dad’s incoming shipment for the family business fell on my shoulders.

In the 7 years I spent competing in high school and college, never had my father intruded upon my track career. In fact, my parents are the very reason I was able to pursue my passion for athletics. Without the golden parachute provided by my folks, a relatively comfortable middle class existence would not have been possible.

Delaying my comeback by weeks is the least I can do for my dad.

Although I badly wanted to dedicate my comeback race to my ailing father, tending his beloved business was, in fact, the most sincere expression of dedication I could muster – in light of the circumstances.



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