Just in time (15 and 16 November 2010)

I must admit that my week-long layoff put me in a bind. My bout with illness, alcohol and my dad’s untimely affliction stunted an already feeble pre-competition confidence level. Since I work full-time for local investment house by day, I train mostly at night. In terms of volume, my training load nowadays is around 60 to 65% compared to my college days. As an athlete who relies on technique and hard work, rather than pure talent, such a deficit naturally elicits signs of alarm.

But then again, I must make do with what I have. I’m still thankful for being given a second shot at the sport I love!

The training sessions since my recovery had unexpectedly gone well, despite the layoff. Last Monday’s track session was intense. The first few reps of the hurdles workout was quite rusty. Gradually, I reached the proverbial “zone.” The hundreds (or thousands?) of hours I spent honing my hurdling had programmed the movements of hurdling quite well. I’m proud to say that I’ve mastered the junior hurdles! In the next hurdling session this Saturday (or Tuesday), I’ll be trying out the senior hurdles.

If things go according to plan, I might just make it in time for 4 Dec 2010 for my hurdling debut. I must make the most out of the small window of opportunity.

Track workout (15 November 2010)

2×1 hurdles (junior)

4×4 hurdles (junior)

3x100m dash (flying starts, 100%)

Gym workout (16 November 2010)

Bridges on Swiss ball

Full Bubkas


Pull-ups + Push-ups with sidewards clap on MB

Scissor jumps


Various ab exercises


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