A Spanking New Gym (12 November 2010)

Since I do not have coaches and trainers, I have to design my own training routines by combining my old workouts with whatever innovations I had picked up from reputable sources.

Monotony is a potent enemy for the self-trained, solitary athlete that I am.

In the past months, I’ve battled constantly with boredom in my weight training routines. Mind you, the staleness do not emanate from the exercises that I do. Rather, the environment is the main culprit.  Despite avowals of minding one’s own business, one’s gym mates are bound to make an impact one way or another.

Looking back, my exuberant teammates (as well as the multitude of athletically pleasing athletes from the opposite sex!) did much in creating an gym atmosphere conducive to performance enhancement. Nowadays I work out in a regular fitness gym; hence, rarely do I encounter elite athletes.

The renovation of the Celebrity Club gym somehow assuaged the monotony. I worked out at the spruced up fitness center last Friday. I felt like a kid on Christmas Day trying out the new equipment. Joaquin Ferrer, a rising young turk from the vaunted Ateneo High School track team was also there, helping much in setting an athletics mood.

Despite the cramped confines (which made it harder to do indoor plyo’s), the Life Fitness and Ziva equipment were state-of-the-art – a far cry from the old gym. In my biased  opinion, no gym in the Philippines can ever measure up to the Marco Lorenzo Weights Room (in Moro), but I’m very much happy at this major development!

My favorite addition is, without a doubt, the pull up bar. For far too long, I’ve made do with an improvised bar. Thanks to the spanking new pull-up bar, I was able to do full Bubkas (my favorite core workout!) again for the first time in years!

Gym workout:


Full Bubkas


Split squats + pull-ups

Alt. DB press + standing LJ

Bicep/Tricep curl + modified box jumps


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