Track Beauty of the Week: Yelena Soboleva (Елена Владимировна Соболева)

Yelena Soboleva (Елена Владимировна Соболева) is this week’s track beauty!

The disgraced Russian 1500m specialist once won silver medals at the 2006 World Indoor Championships and the 2007 World Championships. In 2008, the talented middle distance runner set world indoor records in the 1500m run twice, as well as Russian records in the indoor mile and the 800m.

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However, her sterling list achievements was blighted by a doping controversy before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Soboleva, as well as 6 other Russians, were charged with substituting their urine samples ahead of drug tests. Soboleva was meted out a 2-year ban for this infraction, with her performances since April 2007 erased from the record books.

It’s quite unfortunate how doping shrouds the performances of the sports’ elite with clouds of doubt. Indeed, such harsh moves are necessary to protect the image of athletics.

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3 responses to “Track Beauty of the Week: Yelena Soboleva (Елена Владимировна Соболева)

  1. pinoyhalfmiler November 2, 2010 at 6:44 AM

    its a pitty she resorted to doping as she is already naturally talented. the most beautiful russian miler to date!

  2. stelios August 24, 2012 at 4:50 PM

    the most beautiful athete female ever!

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