Superb (26 October 2010)

Last Tuesday’s hurdling session was superb. I got to Ultra later than usual. I was surprised at the lack of joggers. Perhaps they got scared of the looming typhoon. With the stadium illuminated by those bright Tuesday Night Lights, the mood was conducive for a high quality workout.

I scrapped the preparatory hurdle drills and went straight into a competition style warm-up routine. My legs felt springy. The cool nighttime breeze helped. Although I heard the thunderous roars of inclement weather from time-to-time, as well as quick flashes of lightning, the rain did not fall. The warm-up five-step hurdle clearances were smoothly executed.

After brief warm-up sprints with and without hurdles, I proceeded straight to clearing 4 hurdles of junior height. In the initial reps, I had difficulty maintaining a smooth transition from the (non-existent) blocks to the first hurdle. A serious amount of visualization helped in correcting this flaw. The last two reps over 4 hurdles were again highly satisfactory.

In the past training sessions, I’ve always felt that I had the necessary speed and technical proficiency to sprint over junior hurdles efficiently. Moreover, I’ve re-learned synch with my hurdling rhythm. But still, something was missing. I know for a fact that I can go much faster.

Last Tuesday, I did just that in the third and final rep of the intense hurdle workout. The way I three-stepped into the fourth and final barrier was comparable to high quality sessions of my college days. As my strides followed a short-long-short pattern, I felt the speed and quickness. In the last month I’ve spent seriously training over hurdles, this is the first time I’ve experienced such a fulfilling sensation!

And it wasn’t a fluke! In the customary post-hurdle workout 150m sprints, I did not fade on the homestretch like before.

All throughout that chilly Tuesday night, I felt pumped-up. My confidence shot up to all-time highs! I just need to get used to clearing the official 1.067m high barriers and work on my hurdling endurance. If I get the aforesaid factors right, a decent comeback attempt becomes closer to reality.

Track workout:

Running drills

5-step hurdle clearance

1×2 hurdle starts

3×4 hurdles (junior height)

2x150m sprints (all out)


2 responses to “Superb (26 October 2010)

  1. carlo October 28, 2010 at 2:13 PM

    so how was the date? mwehehehe

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