Sprints-Boozing Superset (19 and 20 October 2010)

I scrapped a planned training in Ultra last Tuesday, no thanks to Super Typhoon Juan. Even if I brought my trusty rain gear, the signs simply weren’t pointing to the right direction. My sister’s football practice got canceled. The frisbee guys scrapped their training session too. Also, I had been getting bad vibes from some work-related stuff!

Hence, I followed my sixth sense and decided to train inside the covered confines of Moro instead.

My legs were well-rested. I started off the workout with some quality 50m crouch starts. Hell, I actually felt fast sprinting on Moro’s hard regupol surface. It was a sensation I haven’t felt in the longest time. I did all out 200m sprints afterward. The first rep was quite intense! I was able to power my way through the sharp indoor curves. As I got off the bends, I felt my streaking body slingshot its way through the straight. It was a fulfilling sensation.

In the second rep, the aforesaid intensity was missing. I was exhausted after one try! I should have taken more time to recover.

Wednesday was rest day. I originally intended to drop by Mike’s beer-day bash in Makati and go home by 12 midnight. But the temptation of free booze and good company was too much to resist! Dammit. I got home by 3am! I haven’t been THAT drunk in months.

I know that alcohol, training and late nights don’t mix. This shall be my last boozing escapade!

Track workout:

Running drills

3x50m starts

2x200m sprints (all out)


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