Return to Rizal

After dropping by our former team captain, Rob Sargan’s running shop, I decided to visit the good ole stadium. I haven’t been to the decades-old Rizal Memorial since February 2010. Since then, the controversial memorandum between the PSC and DLSU had taken center stage.

Read: Rizal renovation leaves track & field athletes homeless

Construction of the new football pitch is in full swing; the field events have transferred to faraway Teacher’s Camp in Baguio (for the throws) and to Philsports in Pasig.

Seeing athletes train in the hallowed stadium brought forth fond memories. At least the track is still usable, despite a few holes here and there. The PATAFA Weekly Relays will be held in both Rizal and Philsports starting this November.

I’ve heard much opposition about the legality of the aforesaid document. The inner workings of Philippine sports is a quagmire I’d rather not delve in. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed until the issue is solved with finality.

I hope the parties concerned come up with a win-win solution for both track & field and football athletes.

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