Back in my high school days, we had no Facebook, Twitter or broadband internet. Those uber-slow 56k modem connections were the norm. Downloading entire movies were unheard of; it took a good 15 minutes to finish downloading a 5mb song! By my senior year in high school, digital cameras and phone cameras started popping up. But without fast and cheap internet connection and well-established social networking infrastructure, digital posterity became a chore, rather than the norm.

A couple of years ago, I uploaded to Youtube grainy copies of what little high school footage that we’ve been able to save. A Facebook post by one of my classmates, the renowned rally driver Ivan Isada, triggered an urge to finally immortalize those multimedia snapshots in cyberspace.

Thanks to our uber-fast office internet, it took a mere hour and a half  to upload higher quality clips.

d2003 Class Video

During one unremarkable day during mid-2002, my classmates and I decided to shoot some raw, unadulterated footage of  typical D-boy’s life. It was just a random juxtaposition of what we did moments before class, during recess/lunch time, a few of our music class presentations and some crazy antics by the funniest D-boys.

Almost 8 years had gone by since high school graduation. It’s nice to actually have a window – however fleeting – to twilight of our adolescence.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=4248375&dest=-1]

[blip.tv ?posts_id=4248210&dest=-1]

[blip.tv ?posts_id=4248469&dest=-1]


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