Technically Deficient (9 October 2010)

It rained as soon as I left the house. I was prepping myself for a wet workout ahead, but thankfully, the rains stopped a few minutes after I got to Ultra.

Read: “Rained Out”

For the first time since my comeback, the number of track & field athletes had outnumbered the recreational runners. Moments such as these are rare in light of the running boom. A couple of high school teams were present, as well as Coach Emerson Obiena’s pole vault training group. My former team was also in Ultra. Again, I’m thankful that their youthful energies rubbed off!

I got to meet Coach Henry, the coach of the NCR team, for the first time since that unexpected encounter in Quezon a few years back. At that time, the wounds of my UAAP 2008 defeat were still fresh. Being unemployed and away from the sport I love, I was – needless to say – in the doldrums.

It’s great to be back!

After three good hurdling sessions the past week, I had much confidence in my hurdling now. I originally wanted to clear junior hurdles, but changed my mind as soon as I noticed an apparent lack of quickness. Perhaps my body hasn’t adjusted yet to the three-stride pattern. I still need to work on being aggressive clearing the first hurdle. I had no problems with the height of the junior hurdles, it was just that I wasn’t satisfied in terms of explosiveness and suppleness of movement.

The proper thing to do when faced with this scenario is to clear lower hurdles. Even with youth hurdles, however, I still felt slow. The first two reps were lackluster. The third and last rep was a decent attempt. Come to think of it, this is the first time I cleared 6 hurdles in almost three years! Not bad for such a long hiatus, shall I say?

The fear of hurdling so prevalent in my early attempts was non-existent. I seemed to have regained the fearlessness I thought I had lost. However, there were glaring deficiencies: (1) the sprint-in-between  (2) hurdle clearance and (3) balance.

Nevertheless, I’m quite happy to clear junior hurdles again!

In the coming weeks, I shall try my utmost best to train over the hurdles as much as possible – instead of settling for the easier alternative of training in Moro!

Track workout:

Running drills

Side clearing

5-step hurdle clearances

4×1 hurdle starts (junior height)

3×6 hurdles (youth height)



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