New-found Energy (7 October 2010)

The revival of the PATAFA Weekly Relays, albeit in shortened form, has infused new-found energy into my training routine. For the first time in months, I’m actually training for an honest-to-goodness track & field meet.

I worked on my sprinting last night, focusing on explosiveness and my starting technique. My legs didn’t feel tired. Gone was my lazy demeanor so prevalent in the track sessions of the previous months. I still have much to learn regarding my starting technique. I’m still not satisfied with the way I explode off the (non-existent) starting blocks. Moreover, I need to unlearn the bad habit of rising up from the crouch too early – a testament to my sprint hurdling background. Nevertheless, I’ve noticed marked improvement. Even if I haven’t measured my starting ability against other athletes yet, I’m quite confident that I would give my 2007 quite a hard time at the 100m dash.

In the past months or so, a glaring deficiency in my sprinting form became apparent. My right arm (incidentally, my lead arm) swings too widely from the elbows – disproportionate to my left arm’s (trail arm) more orthodox movements. I never had major problems in sprinting form; this is the first time I’ve encountered this. Hence, I’ll be focusing more on running drills and be more conscious of how I sprint.

The centerpiece of the night’s workout were the all-out 150m sprints. My legs felt springy and fast that I was able to power my way around Moro’s sharp indoor curves. There were no minor muscle pains this time! I actually felt fast for a change.

The PATAFA Weekly Relays will start on 6 November. It gives me a good 29 days to prepare for my first race in almost three years. Since I’m not in tip-top hurdling shape yet, I plan on competing in the sprints first. I don’t want to rush things by racing ill-prepared. At this point in time, my skills are below-par.

Frankly, I don’t really care about who I’ll run against in the sprints. I just want to get this monkey off my back and announce to the world that “Hey, I’m friggin’ back!” I intend to sprint as fast possible, having as much fun as possible!

The same goes to the sprint hurdles. Only this time, I aim to sprint faster than ever!

Track workout:

Running drills

30m starts

150m sprints (all out)


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