Lackluster (6 October 2010)

I sprained my left pinkie in a basketball game a week ago. Although the swelling and pain had dropped significantly, I still couldn’t perform vital Olympic lifts. In last night’s workout, I again resorted to a combination of plyometrics, lower body weights and the few upper body exercises I could perform without pain.

The gym was almost deserted, aside from a handful of habitues. I must admit that I found the environment quite boring. But then again, I wasn’t there to socialize. My motivation is intrinsic! I chose to ride the stationary back for my warm-up, instead of the bloody treadmill. I found a copy of the triathlon magazine, Multi-Sport (I admire triathletes, especially the elite triathletes and those with day jobs), to read whilst warming up – a new, yet apparently ineffective combination!

Jessa Zaragoza – a popular singer a few years back – was at the gym too. She was without make-up, revealing her true face behind that mask (why the hell, am I writing about this?).

As a result of my lackluster warm-up, it took quite some time before I got into the plyometric groove. With the gym devoid of people, I was able to do single leg bounds indoors. By the time I did pikes, my core temperature had gone up quite a bit. I topped off the night by doing a series of simple, single-jointed lifts – interspersed with ab exercises.

I missed doing the more challenging Olympic lifts in light of my minor yet limiting injury. The important thing is not to aggravate the injury by over-exerting oneself by disregarding the body’s signals.




Modified box jumps

Gym workout:

Bench press + squats

Shoulder press + leg curls

Various ab exercises



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