On Competition

I heard from a couple of national athletes about the revival of this year’s PATAFA Weekly Relays. The tune-up meet was scrapped early this year due to a lack of funds. It turns out that the powers-that-be decided to hold some sort of stripped-down version. Based on what I’ve heard, the schedule will be finalized this afternoon.

My bouts with season-ending staleness and the occasional illness were quite providential. I haven’t really reached my peak level yet for the season. My body has not been subjected to the usual wear and tear. Hence, there’s more than enough room to fit a few tune-up races – before I finally wrap-up the 2010 season.

Should the Weekly Relays be held this October,  I must admit that I’m barely in tip-top hurdles shape. In the past month, I’ve only started working on the three-stride pattern (over low hurdles at that!). This is not the way I usually prepare for an honest-to-goodness sprint hurdles race. To be able to clock a respectable time, I need another month and a half!

If the plans for the Relays finally materialize, my main priorities would be to hone my sprinting (get rid of certain errors in form!) and to recover as much hurdling proficiency as possible, within the short window left this year.

I had my last race on February 2008 – almost three years ago. Every little bit of my being is aching to compete!


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