Feeding Off (2 October 2010)

The last three training days in Ultra have been quite refreshing, thanks mostly to the presence of the Ateneo Track Team. Even though I don’t actually train with the young guns, their youthful exuberance seems to rub off. Thanks to them, I overcame an initial, unfounded fear of hurdling quite easily.

I’ve always loved feeding off the energies of others. Call it showboating or whatever, but I seem to get a big jolt of strength when people watch me in action. Whenever the rare pretty girl works out in the Celebrity Club gym, I instantly feel energized! I guess when there’s an audience, there’s a positive build-up of pressure – of aiming to please oneself by performing at one’s best in front of others.

I trained over youth hurdles this afternoon. My starts lacked explosiveness at first, but as soon as I warmed up, I found my rhythm quickly. Gone was the sense of fear so evident during last week’s session – my first three-step workout in almost three years. I’ll three step over junior hurdles by next week!

During the customary post-hurdles sprint workout, one of the younger athletes noticed a major flaw in my arm action: my right arm (also my trail arm) was swinging to wide relative to the left. I never had major problems in my sprinting/running form until this! I’ve always been a diligent practitioner of running drills, but I seemed to have lost the enthusiasm to do those repetitive exercises the past few months. This laziness, compounded by my 2-year long hiatus, resulted into this MAJOR, MAJOR deviation in orthodox athletics!

I shall fix this (but then again, my track season is almost over!)

Again, it was one helluva great workout. I’m starting to regain the confidence I’ve lost. Nationals 2011 here I come!

Track workout:

Running drills

Plyometric hurdle drills

2×1 hurdles

2×2 hurdles

3×3 hurdles

2x150m sprints


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