Stale (21 September 2010)

Despite taking an extra day of rest, my legs still felt a little tight last night. I felt tense doing those three-point starts and crouch starts. Perhaps the deserted track was playing games on my mind. I couldn’t seem to focus.

But focus I did. By the last rep of the starts, I felt the speed and explosiveness again. The fact that I wore my trusty old Asics Lite-nings did much to get me in the groove. I love the lightweight spikes’ fit and feel. When I’m sprinting with those three year old pair, my feet feel free – quite ready to claw the track with each stride. I just have to get myself a new pair of Lite-nings.

I topped off my night workout with all-out 200m sprints. The first rep was finely executed. I was fast while negotiating the sharp curves of the indoor track and even faster on the straight. However, the second rep wasn’t as perfect as the first. I seemed to have rushed my rest period. As a result, my legs were too tired to go all out. These things happen when you’re training alone! One tends to lose one’s sense of time.

All throughout the session, one particular fact kept on hounding me. I’m losing the motivation to train. The feeling of being stale – of losing that edge – becomes ever so apparent.

Track workout

Campus warm-up

Running drills

Three-point starts

Crouch starts

200m sprints (all-out)


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