Refreshing (18 September 2010)

For the first time in two months, I trained in Ultra again. The moment I stepped out from my car and glanced towards the 110m starting line, I saw familiar figures clad in blue and white. My former college team was training too.

It’s refreshing to share the track with an actual track & field team, instead of the usual oval habitues. More importantly, seeing familiar faces (dwindling familiar faces at that) was a welcome change since I usually train alone.

I tried my utmost not to lurk among the current team, fearing the minute possibility that I may just quit my job and pursue track full-time. Besides, it felt awkward being among all those familiar yet unfamiliar faces.

The sight of the high jump and pole vault mats brought forth memories of the 2005-2006 season, when Rizal was under repair prior to the Manila SEA Games. A deluge of fond memories ensued.

As always, I snapped out of my reverie. I tend to gravitate towards my previous Nietzschean approach to track. I sometimes forget that I’m training for track in the same way as my idol, Wilfred Uytengsu, trains for the Ironman triathlon. I am not a professional track athlete. I am not a student-athlete.

In the midst of my quarter-life vision quest, clinging to the past is counterproductive. It was a good thing that my good friend Mark (who is training for a triathlon) decided to tag along. Being in the same industry, his presence was a stark reminder that my college days are long gone, that I have more important issues to face.

Nevertheless, I welcome the few hours I spent each day training. It’s an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate.

The workout itself was, as I always say, GREAT! The youthful energies of the current team seemed to have rubbed off. I did plyometric hurdles drills and five step hurdle clearances just to get the hurdling groove back. I also used a starting block for the first time in almost three years!

Track workout:

Running drills

Plyometric hurdle drills

5-step hurdle clearances



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