Backstroke Parking

Being a neophyte driver of barely three years, parking is not my strong suit. When faced with cramped parking spaces in malls or restaurants, I make it a point to avoid an overt display of testosterone (or lack of?) by choosing a slot far from the maddening crowd.

During my first months of driving, I hit our good old sturdy garage gate twice! I was traumatized. Since then, I have almost always parked outdoors, in light of my insufficient close quarters maneuvering skills.

I’ve gained much experience the past few months. My confidence in doing the back stroke parking technique went up exponentially with each successful maneuver.

This morning, I parked my car inside the garage using my savvy reverse parking maneuver, not wanting to wash and wax the car under the sun. Despite the irritatingly uneven contours of our garage and the steep incline, I passed with flying colors!


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