Home Stretch (16 September 2010)

I was a little sluggish during last night’s sprint workout. I did all-out 150m sprints to test my speed.  I was very satisfied with my sprinting form. I seemed to have ironed out minor errors. Even though I ran around the sharp bends of the indoor track with ease, I couldn’t seem to feel satisfied with the explosiveness of my movements.

My legs, particularly my right calf, felt wobbly by the end of the session.

It has been a long yet uneventful season. I’ve achieved substantial rebounds in my physical conditioning and athleticism. Even though I haven’t trained over the hurdles as much as I’d wanted too, it’s refreshing to deal with less physically-demanding sprinting workouts. However, the psychological challenge of training for nothing is a difficult mental chore. Physically, I’m in tip-top shape. It’s what inside my head that’s suffering. I can’t allow myself to get stale doing the same routines with no end in sight.

Hence, I’ll be capping my 2010 season on the 16th of October. The 16th is two days after the last event of the New Delhi Commonwealth Games athletics competition, the final major meet of the 2010 calendar. It makes it a lot simpler, synchronizing my schedule to those big events. I’ll think of a worthwhile season-ending event!

After a break of three to four weeks, I’ll start my preparations for the 2011 National Open.

Of course, I’m disappointed at having to miss the two measly competitions in the 2010 lineup of (measly) domestic meets. I skipped the National Open due to a hamstring injury. The PATAFA Weekly Relays was scrapped amidst a lack of funds. Nevertheless, I’m happy to be back.

Track workout:

Running drills

2x70m strides

3x150m sprints (all-out)


2 responses to “Home Stretch (16 September 2010)

  1. Malou September 17, 2010 at 3:52 PM

    Keep it up Joboy! Fresh take for sports news…

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