“More Than Just Pretty Faces” by Joboy Quintos

My Track Beauty of the Week posts are, without a doubt, the most popular entries of this blog. I believe that athletics has the potential to match the glamor of tennis’ Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic and Caroline Wozniacki. Even if the popularity of athletics pales in comparison to women’s tennis, there are a multitude of female track & field athletes blessed with both beauty and brawn.

I’m a firm believer that in order to promote a sport, it is imperative to have established icons.

One good example is the popularity of women’s volleyball in the Philippines. The roots of the Shakey’s V-League can be traced to the Volleyball Grand Prix held almost a decade ago, featuring the likes of Maurizia Cacciatori and Leila Barros.

The international stars captured the fancy of women and men alike – vital building blocks to the popularity of a sport. Women’s volleyball is now televised. Various collegiate stars now have legions of fans. The men’s game isn’t far behind, with the LBC Men’s Volleyball League taking its cue from its female counterparts.

If there’s a fan base, surely, the sponsors would come next.

The renaissance of volleyball in the last five years or so could hopefully reverse the fortunes of our national teams, in the coming generations, at least.

Albeit with slight variations, interest in track & field can be stoked with the same fires. Hence, I’ve started the Track Beauty of the Week feature. It’s a small way of attracting the uninitiated to the wonderful world of athletics.

Who knows? Maybe in a few years or so, the likes of Darya Klishina and LoLo Jones could make their way to the Philippine track & field scene!

The target audience, of course, is mostly male. But I do make it a point not to make the posts demeaning to women in such a way that the pictures and videos border the tasteless. I focus on the athletic prowess of the female athletes more than their aesthetic endowments.

Article by Joboy Quintos


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