Back on Track (13 – 14 September 2010)

I went back to track training this week, after a week-long absence due to illness.

On Monday, I headed out to Moro’s indoor track to do some sprints. I warmed-up outdoors, taking advantage of the crisp nighttime air. Although I was afraid that the weather might rain on my parade, I still pushed through, chiding myself for thinking like a pussy!

On the way back, I saw my former college coach and a few members of the current track team. It was refreshing to see some familiar faces, in light of my Han Solo routine.

I did some drills and bounding exercises before the actual sprinting workout. Surprisingly, I felt strong despite the weeks-long lay-off. I felt a lack of explosiveness in my movements though. I topped off my workout with technical starting session. I was in the zone. For the first time in months, I actually felt my body bursting out from the crouching position in a satisfactory manner. I still have to work on my technique to polish some fundamental flaws.

The next day was a weights and plyos day. Since I got stuck in traffic, I opted to cut short my workout, focusing more on plyometrics than weight training exercises. I tried out a modified box jump exercise I got from Simon Hunt’s site. Even if my legs still felt quite fatigued from the previous night’s sprinting session (and from the 4.5 hours of sleep I had!), I was quite pleased with how the plyo session turned out.

Tonight, I’ll be taking a break to allow my tired muscles to rest.

Track workout (13 Sept 2010)

Running drills


70m strides

70m sprints

50m starts

Gym/Plyo workout (14 Sept 2010)

Ankle flips

Depth jump + standing long jump

Modified box jumps


Bench press + deep squats

Barbell row + leg curls

Ab exercises in between sets


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