Updates (13 September 2010)

I haven’t trained as much the past month. The death of my dog and a bad bout of the flu had certainly taken it’s toll.

As I’ve said in earlier posts, I won’t be going full throttle for the remainder of the year. Instead, I’ll try to cruise at 4th gear in the meantime. I’d like to read up on some honest-to-goodness training literature to widen my horizons. My usual routine is starting to get boring.

I’m starting to get that basketball itch yet again. It’s that time of the year when I don high-cut basketball shoes for a change, as I hone my rough hoops skills in time for the ABL early next year.

I’m hoping that by the 2011 ABL Season, I’ll be athletic enough to grab 20 rebounds in one ball game!

Last Saturday, I went to the covered courts a good one hour before our designated court reservation. I came right from my niece’s 1st birthday party, after dropping off my younger sister for football practice. For an entire hour, I did nothing but shoot hoops from the free throw line. Come to think of it, it was the longest time I spent honing my shooting in about a decade! Back in my days as a basketball bench warmer, I used to lurk for hours at length at the basketball court, shooting hoops – emulating the 1,000 shots-a-day (Okay, it was more like 200) mantra of pure shooters.

After quite a few misses, I felt my shooting rhythm come back! And it felt great!

I’m feeling a lot better now. Gone are the debilitating effects of the flu. I’ll head out to the good ole indoor track this evening to do some much-needed sprint workouts!


2 responses to “Updates (13 September 2010)

  1. Scientist Runner September 14, 2010 at 7:10 AM

    You’re very productive bro! Definitely a class-A blog; Keep it up!

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