No Holds Barred

I had a sheltered life back in college. All my expenses were paid for by my parents. I never had to work part-time to support my education. Enrolled at the country’s premiere elite university, I had the best local education money can buy. An athletic scholarship made things easier in the financial sense.

Hence, my schedule was clear cut. I was focused entirely on my studies and my track career. I had the time of my life! Especially during my final year of eligibility, where I was practically a part-time student and a full-time athlete!

In the five years I spent in college, I competed with the best collegiate athletes of the Philippines. I went all out, eager to test the limits of my physical ability. In my event, I was pitted against the likes of my teammate Mike Mendoza, UE’s Gabriel Quezada and FEU’s Orlando Soriano and Siegfried Fabro, Adamson’s Wellington Dangan and UST’s Robin Tuliao. Those athletes were fierce competitors. Despite their humble smiles, the competitive fervor was evident.

They were fine track & field athletes – the cream of the crop.

I had decent athletic ability and sterling work ethic. I was every inch the student of the sport. Hence, I enjoyed the competition. More than two years removed from collegiate track & field, recollections of the olden days bring forth fond memories. Although I despised losing, I couldn’t help the fact that I was lacking in fast-twitch muscle fibers.

I had my moments, despite the multitude of lost races. I’m a firm believer of that fabulous Scrubs quote that we must “learn to treasure the times when things go your way.”

I found a unique sense of fulfillment going against the UAAP’s best. Despite the relatively low quality of Philippine collegiate athletes compared to, say, our counterparts in Europe,  the pure intensity of youthful exuberance was exhibited in its fully glory.


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