Boring (30 August 2010)

I had a good weight/plyometric training session this evening. For a change, there were actually unmarried females at the gym!

I’ve recovered fully from the intense 3-hour basketball session last Saturday. As always, I started off with plyometrics. My legs felt great doing all those jumping exercises. Well, since it’s a holiday, it’s not surprising that my body is in a better condition than usual.

My left arm still felt sore from last Saturday’s game; hence, I chose not to perform Olympic lifts to give my scarred arm more time to recover.

My usual training routine is starting to get boring. I should find the time to sit down and concoct new training regimes. I’ll try to get hold of sports science and weight training books in the coming weeks or so.

Well, the long weekend is coming to an end. I expect another (abbreviated) week’s worth of sleep deprivation to ensue. Hello to 5-hours of sleep and 2 1/2 hours of commuting each day… until Friday.



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