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Verena Sailer: Ich wollte unbedingt Gold

Verena Sailer’s post-race interview!

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Trapped Chilean Miners

I’m not claustrophobic. But like any sane human being, I abhor the thought of being stuck in the confines of a small place for a long time. Browsing through the news a while back, I stumbled upon an article about 33 trapped Chilean miners. Nothing new really. In this day and age of resource hogs like China and the United States, mining has become big business. The increase in mining activity comes at the price of increased (and more dramatic) mining incidents, as the most vital of natural resources becomes harder to obtain.

Aside: After all, mining is a necessary evil the world economy has to endure to fuel its expansion. My college theology professor has a disturbing way of describing mining: Mining natural resources is like an heir/heiress to five generations worth of fortune squandering it all in one fortnight (or something to that extent. I totally forgot the more flowery original Tagalog line).

I was shocked to learn that it could take as long as 4 months to rescue the trapped miners.

The miners’ only lifeline to the outside world is 6-centimeter wide hole, where vital supplies such as food and medicine pass through. With the miners stuck 700m below the Atacama desert, drilling a much wider rescue hole is a precarious task.

I hope everything works out well for those hapless miners. And I pray to God almighty that they don’t find out that it would take as long as four long months to get them out.

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