Gym Time (24 August 2010)

I went to the gym last night for the first time in more than a week. I’ll be focusing more on general strength exercises, in light of the upcoming basketball season and in preparation next year’s Nationals. I need more mass! I won’t be turning into your proverbial gym rat anytime soon. Besides, the top-heavy look doesn’t suit my image.

A lighter load of explosive lifts and plyometric exercises will still be part of the overall weight training routine until October-November.

Last night’s session was slower than usual. As always, the Celeb gym was devoid of members of the fairer sex. In light of my week-long hiatus, I decided to take it easy, opting to shelve plyometrics in favor of more general weight training exercises.

I haven’t been gone too long, but in my head it felt like I’ve been away for a month. I guess when one interrupts routine, withdrawal symptoms almost always rear its  ugly head. Well, that’s a good thing. It’s a sign that I’ve become hooked to endorphins yet again (an understatement).

Gym workout:

Core exercises on Swiss ball

High pulls (3×10)

Bench press + Leg press (2×10)

Bicep curl/Tricep ext./leg curls (2×10)

Assorted ab exercises


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