The thought of my faithful friend’s demise still saddens me. I haven’t gone to the gym or the track since last Saturday. I couldn’t seem to muster enough will to return to my old routine. I was even tempted to skip work, but the silence at home would have been too deafening.

In the past few days, I came home in tears, ruing the untimely death of my furry friend. Last night was different. The guilty feelings were still there – and the mountains of sadness within. In my mind, I saw images of a healthy and lively Duchess juxtaposed with the unfortunate circumstances of her illness. To cope with the loss, I pictured her merrily roaming around in dog heaven.

I didn’t think such child-like methods of dealing with death could ever be so helpful.

Frankly, I don’t know when my grief and mourning would subside. I won’t fight it. I’ll let time run its wise, smooth-flowing course.

I’ll be gradually posting new stuff to this blog again, after a 4-day hiatus.


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