Ateneo Track & Field Team: Sabah Champions!

My former college team won their first ever Championship, topping the overall rankings of the 57th Sabah Athletics Open. Even if I’d played out my last year of UAAP eligibility back in February 2008, I’ve always found the time to watch them compete at the UAAP championships. This victory of theirs makes me utterly proud to have been part of that team at one point in time.

Aside from my former coach and a couple of athletes, the rest of the current team are just a familiar set of faces – acquaintances, really. My contemporaries have long since went separate ways – to law school, medical school and to various careers. And yet, there’s something familiar amidst the unfamiliarity.

It’s remarkable to note that a mere 7 years ago, the Men’s team languished at cellars of the UAAP. Back in 2003-2005, to win a medal seemed impossible. Defeat and disappointment came part and parcel with each meet. I could go on for hours at length talking about how we rose from last place to a seemingly unremarkable 3rd.

What I love most about sporting events, aside from the sheer entertainment value it provides, is the post-competition celebrations. In sports, we find an authentic expression of what it is to be human. Raising one’s arms in triumph, shedding tears of joy, running a victory lap around the oval are some expressions of raw emotion that I love watching.

Even if I didn’t get to watch my former team in action, seeing the pictures and reading their absolutely joyful Facebook posts helped brightened up my day. Indeed, the team today is light-years away from its humble beginnings back in the early aughts.

To the Ateneo Track & Field Team, congratulations!

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Ateneo Track & Field Team


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