Got soul but I’m not a soldier (12 August 2010)

I was quite dazed from a hectic day at work. My head was throbbing all throughout the commute home. Postponing training was out of the question; I needed the release. I felt a sense of exhilaration when I smelled the crisp, nighttime air. I felt rejuvenated.

My body warmed up slower than usual, however. My legs still felt tight from last Tuesday’s intense workout. I decided to run outdoors for a change – and to watch my sister’s football game nearby. I originally wanted to do just 3 150m sprints, but opted for the shorter starts workout since I felt tense during the first 150m. I couldn’t seem to find my rhythm.

By the time I was done with the starts, I was completely warmed up, primed for the sprinting workout ahead. Aside from my aspiring triathlete friend Mark, who tagged along, Moro was practically empty, devoid of joggers, basketball players and most badminton players. I absolutely love this feeling of solitude. It helps me connect more with myself and with my surroundings. In a sense, such an expanse of solace enables me to get into the zone smoothly.

Listening to my favorite Killers tune did much to heighten this almost meditative state:

I did two more 150’s at 95% effort. My strides were explosive, my form smooth and free-flowing. This is the kind of sprinting I’ve been aiming to do.

Track workout:

Running drills

4x50m starts (3 point stance)

3x150m sprints (95%, 4 minutes rest in between)

Video credits:




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