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Power cleans (10 August 2010)

Just came from a good gym workout. Since I started a bit late, I scrapped the plyometrics from my program and headed straight to the Olympic lifts, after the customary warm-up and core exercises.

I did 3 sets of 8-9 reps of power cleans.

I lifted a humble 60kg, quite far off from my body weight of 68kg. I’m not satisfied with my form yet, especially with the pulling phase. My footwork is also erratic, as I tend to shuffle my feet backwards after a lift. But then again, I have all the time in the world to improve my strength and form. My quads are hurting now because of the impact of the barbell!

I was fortunate that my brother decided to tag along; hence, I had someone to take videos of my lifts.

Overall, it was a time-efficient workout, where I utilized compound sets and super sets to the maximum. I limited my gym time to a little over an hour.

Gym workout:

Power cleans (3×8-9)

Bench press + Abs (3×8)

Deep squat + pull-ups + lateral hops (3×10)

Various ab exercises

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