A Bum Ankle, Indecision and Sweet Disposition (7 and 9 August 2010)

My Saturday workout was cut short by the horrid weather. I originally wanted to do some sprints after a light campus run and some plyometric exercises. Due to a storm, I did not get to finish what I wanted to accomplish. It was a blessing of sorts since my ankle felt funny during the plyo’s. I had difficulty pushing off with my left foot during the bounds. The blunt pain was hardly evident during the standing long jump though.

With the rainy weather and my bum ankle, I took off early, ruing the lost opportunity of sprinting outdoors for a change.

When I got home around 630PM today, I was at my wits’ end deciding between a track workout and a gym workout. On one hand, I wanted to rest my ankle and focus on lifting weights to gain mass. On the other hand, I felt a strong urge to don my favorite Adidas compression shorts and sprinting spikes, to streak like a speeding bullet!

The signs pointing to the latter were everywhere. When I got to my room, the radio was blaring out one of favorite running/sprinting songs, The Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition.” I even asked two random friends on Facebook the utterly random question “gym or track? choose one quick!” Yes, they chose the latter.

So off I went to Moro.

With the Seniors’ Basketball team (GREAT GAME BLUE EAGLES!) absent from the practice court, Moro was dimly lit. There was hardly any joggers too, a good opportunity to test the limits of my speed.

I loved how I explosive my legs were during the running drills. I felt so fresh and so fast. I sensed a great workout in the offing. And what a splendid training session it was. I did 4 200m sprints at 95%, resting 6 minutes in between reps. After the 3rd rep, I was exhausted. I wanted to give up there and then, to head home and eat my late dinner. All sorts of excuses filled my head.

One disadvantage about being self-coached is that I can end the workout anytime I like. But this time around, I suppressed those lazy urges, muffled those cacophony of excuse-making.

Even though I ran the last rep at around 80% and practically lost a good measure of proper sprinting form, it felt good to reach the fringes of my physical endurance. By the end of the workout, I felt like puking!

As I always say, that was one helluva GREAT WORKOUT!

Plyometric workout (7 August 2010):

Bounds (4x40m)

Bounds – inner (2x40m)

Standing long jump (5×4)

Track workout (9 August 2010):

Running drills

4x200m (95%, 6 minutes rest in between)


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