Upping the ante (5 and 6 August 2010)

My Thursday night track workout was a tiring one. My hamstrings felt weird during the starts workout so I took a lengthier rest period, to avoid any unfortunate injuries. My left leg still felt tight during the first rep of my 50-100-150 sprinting workout. I wanted to pack my bags and go home. But then again, I have nothing to lose and no meets to train for. Instead of scurrying away with my tail between legs, I went on with the workout.

It felt great doing pyramid intervals, for a change. The changes in pace is both refreshing and challenging. By the end of my second set, I was out of breath.

On Friday night, I went to the gym. The workout itself started slow. I chose not to do plyometrics to conserve much needed juice for today’s track workout. Instead, I added more weight into the jerk. I did two sets of seven reps of 50kg jerks. This is the heaviest I’ve jerked since 2008!

I ended the night with the customary upper body/lower body/abs superset combo.

Track workout (5 Aug 2010)

Combine drills

4x50m accel’s

2x40m prone starts

2x40m three-point stance starts

2x50m-100m-150m sprints (75-80%, 2 mins rest between reps)

Gym workout (6 Aug 2010)

Core exercises on swiss ball

Jerk (2×7)

Dips/Barbell row (2×10)

Deep squats/single-leg shoulder press (2×10)

Leg curls/bicep curls/triceps extension (2×10)

Plyometric step-ups (2×10 per leg)


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