I’m not much of a watch person. In my almost 25 years of existence, I’ve owned around 5 or 8 watches. In college, I hardly wore a time piece, preferring to use my cellphone for time-keeping purposes.

Now that I’m training alone, a watch is a necessity. For the past year, I’ve been using a Dunlop Gladiator sports watch my mom gave me. It’s bulky and rugged. It’s water resistant and it has a comfortable, wrist-hugging strap.

However, the weight can be a nuisance at times; hence, the need for a lighter alternative. It turns out that my dad has an extra watch, a classic Casio F-98W. The vintage digital watch exudes a minimalistic, 80-ish charm. I found its light weight and simple, no-frills interface attractive. The only drawback is that it’s not water resistant, only splash proof.


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