Jonathan Edwards’ Triple Jump World Record

Jonathan Edwards’ 18.29m triple jump leap is one of my favorite world records of all time. I love how triple jumpers hop, step and skip towards great lengths. The event exudes a combination of athleticism, technical prowess and grace much like the 110m high hurdles. Seeing the world’s elite leap great distances is a sight to behold.

I get goosebumps every time I watch Edwards’ world record. With a personal best of 10.48s in the 100m dash, Edwards powers down the runway faster than most triple jumpers. He seems to mimic the movements of a gazelle as he takes three massive steps to track & field history.

It has been 15 years since the leaped to the gold in the 1995 World Championships in Goteborg. His first attempt was a massive 18.16m, breaking the existing world record. He again rewrote the record books by triple jumping 18.29m. Since then, only the American jumper Kenny Harrison had gone beyond 18m.

Check out this fine BBC feature on Edwards and his record breaking ways:

Additional links:

EAA article


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