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I’m not much of a watch person. In my almost 25 years of existence, I’ve owned around 5 or 8 watches. In college, I hardly wore a time piece, preferring to use my cellphone for time-keeping purposes.

Now that I’m training alone, a watch is a necessity. For the past year, I’ve been using a Dunlop Gladiator sports watch my mom gave me. It’s bulky and rugged. It’s water resistant and it has a comfortable, wrist-hugging strap.

However, the weight can be a nuisance at times; hence, the need for a lighter alternative. It turns out that my dad has an extra watch, a classic Casio F-98W. The vintage digital watch exudes a minimalistic, 80-ish charm. I found its light weight and simple, no-frills interface attractive. The only drawback is that it’s not water resistant, only splash proof.

Upping the ante (5 and 6 August 2010)

My Thursday night track workout was a tiring one. My hamstrings felt weird during the starts workout so I took a lengthier rest period, to avoid any unfortunate injuries. My left leg still felt tight during the first rep of my 50-100-150 sprinting workout. I wanted to pack my bags and go home. But then again, I have nothing to lose and no meets to train for. Instead of scurrying away with my tail between legs, I went on with the workout.

It felt great doing pyramid intervals, for a change. The changes in pace is both refreshing and challenging. By the end of my second set, I was out of breath.

On Friday night, I went to the gym. The workout itself started slow. I chose not to do plyometrics to conserve much needed juice for today’s track workout. Instead, I added more weight into the jerk. I did two sets of seven reps of 50kg jerks. This is the heaviest I’ve jerked since 2008!

I ended the night with the customary upper body/lower body/abs superset combo.

Track workout (5 Aug 2010)

Combine drills

4x50m accel’s

2x40m prone starts

2x40m three-point stance starts

2x50m-100m-150m sprints (75-80%, 2 mins rest between reps)

Gym workout (6 Aug 2010)

Core exercises on swiss ball

Jerk (2×7)

Dips/Barbell row (2×10)

Deep squats/single-leg shoulder press (2×10)

Leg curls/bicep curls/triceps extension (2×10)

Plyometric step-ups (2×10 per leg)

Jonathan Edwards’ Triple Jump World Record

Jonathan Edwards’ 18.29m triple jump leap is one of my favorite world records of all time. I love how triple jumpers hop, step and skip towards great lengths. The event exudes a combination of athleticism, technical prowess and grace much like the 110m high hurdles. Seeing the world’s elite leap great distances is a sight to behold.

I get goosebumps every time I watch Edwards’ world record. With a personal best of 10.48s in the 100m dash, Edwards powers down the runway faster than most triple jumpers. He seems to mimic the movements of a gazelle as he takes three massive steps to track & field history.

It has been 15 years since the leaped to the gold in the 1995 World Championships in Goteborg. His first attempt was a massive 18.16m, breaking the existing world record. He again rewrote the record books by triple jumping 18.29m. Since then, only the American jumper Kenny Harrison had gone beyond 18m.

Check out this fine BBC feature on Edwards and his record breaking ways:

Additional links:

EAA article


Blog Stats as of 7 Aug 2010

Some stats for my 2 1/2 month old blog!

I didn’t expect much followers for this blog, in light of the local disinterest in track & field. Hence, I write about the things that I’m most passionate about -the hurdles, the sprints, the jumps, my training – with nary a thought on attracting legions of followers.

The most viable path to take in promoting a sports blog would be to write about basketball and running. The most popular local blogs and websites (Fire Quinito, Bleachers Brew, The Bull Runner, Run Rio and Takbo.ph) features either of the two.

The first few months of my new blog’s existence saw daily page views (WordPress-generated. Shows the number of views per post) averaging around 60 to 65 hits a day. The most popular entries, without a doubt, are those about gorgeous female track & field athletes (a topic I am most interested in!). Although my most popular post to date is the one I made about the Big Blue Run: Uphill Challenge (343 views. Talk about the running boom!), the three posts I wrote about upcoming Russian long jump star Darya Klishina (three posts with a total of 552 views), Lolo Jones (245), Sina Schielke (164) and Leryn Franco’s 10-for-10 quiz (148) are gradually catching up!

The most popular post not related to a gorgeous female track athlete are (1) Ato Boldon’s 10-for-10 (119), (2) Rizal’s renovation (115), (3) my blog’s “About Me” page (79) and (3) a technical analysis comparing Lolo Jones and Susanna Kallur (80).

The serious track stuff I post outnumbers the testosterone-laced posts by a ratio of around 7-to-1. But then again, sex sells. I have no control whatsoever on what people around the world google! And I can’t help but share my admiration for the multitude of fair track & field maidens all over!

7 Aug 2010 is the most active day in my blog to date. Total page views for was at a massive 499 – thanks to those Darya Klishina search strings! – a far cry from the previous high of 162 (8/2/10).  This surge in viewership enable my blog to climb the Philippine Top Blogs, Sports & Recreation category rankings. From a lurking around the 49 to 55 range for the past two months, the blog is at an unprecedented 35th, with 652 unique, weekly views. This is light years away from the top legitimate sports blog in the category, Fire Quinito, whose unique weekly hits run up to the 7,000 ++.  But hey, at least this blog has finally overtaken most of those pesky running sites!

Since most of the stuff I write are about foreign track & field, it’s no surprise that less than half of my readers originate locally (40%). The rest hails from abroad, with the United States taking a lion’s share (20% ). The other countries at the top of the rankings are Britain (6.1%), Germany (3.5%), Canada (3.3%) and Sweden (2.2%). In fact, I have more viewers from the Scandinavian countries than our closer Southeast Asian and East Asian neighbors, highlighting the fact that Europe is indeed the hotbed of athletics (and that most of the track beauties Í’ve posted so far are European! I’ll be scouring the web for more Asian, African and Arab beauties).

The blog has 2,939 unique hits (according to the hit counter I installed a week after I started the site). By WordPress’ count, total page views are at 5,135. Not bad!

All my posts featuring American and European track & field come naturally since the dominant forces in the events that I like best hail from those countries. In the coming months or so, I’ll be exerting more effort into churning out some more local stuff.

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