Brick by Boring Brick

When I heard the news of the scrapping of the PATAFA Weekly Relays, I lost the desire to hurdle. With relays gone, the next local meet is next summer’s National Open. Unless I can cough out precious cash for a track competition overseas, I am stuck with what little local races we have.

I decided to tone down my training regimen. Instead of going to Ultra at least once a week, I just settled for evening indoor workouts in Moro as I pondered the direction of my training.

A month later, I’m glad that I didn’t opt to retire yet again. I must admit that the frustrations of training alone had started to get into my nerves. I was becoming stale with my dreary routine. The one-month I spent away from the hurdles has been enlightening.

Even though I’m still stuck at this quarter-life quick sand, I can feel some sort of progress. I’m approaching an precarious kind of equilibrium, where things are stable one moment, and shaky at another. Nevertheless, little progress is better than no progress at all.

I’ll slowly get back to hurdles training in the coming months. I’ll do nothing intense, in order to prevent burnout. My goal is to build up the foundations for next year’s competition season and to regain as much technical know-how during the remaining months of the year.

However, track & field will not take center-stage. I must bear in mind that despite my huge passion for the sport, I am not a professional track athlete. I am not in the same league as Liu Xiang and Allen Johnson. I am light-years away.

It feels good having said that. It proves to myself that I am not living in a dream world.


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