New Balance SDS606

Ever since I started track, I’ve owned only three brands of spikes – Adidas, Asics and Mizuno. Of those pairs, I enjoyed using the Adidas Demolishers and the Asics Japan Lite-ning the most. About a month into my comeback, I felt the need to replace the Demolishers (the Lite-ning is still for competition since I kept it spiffy clean during my 2-year lay-off)

The events that led to my newest pair, a New Balance SDS606, was fortuitous at best . At that time, I was thinking of asking my friends on vacation in the U.S. to sneak in a pair on their way home. But then again, I would have had to shell out a hefty amount (around Php 4,000 to Php 6,000) for a decent, rigid spikes shoes. In light of my precarious finances, I can hardly afford that amount.

On one foray to the shoe stores in Glorietta, I stumbled upon the SDS 606.  I almost laughed out loud at my luck. In this basketball-mad country, one is hard-pressed to find track & field spikes – much less those of the high-end, rigid spikes I prefer. I got the pair for Php 2,700 – a good bargain.

I have no complaints about New Balance track spikes. The design is suitably sleek; the monochromatic color scheme perfect in matching with the Adidas Techfit tights, Nike tights and black socks I normally use. At 6.6 oz. the SDS 606 is quite lighter than the Demolishers (but not as lightweight as the 4.5 oz. Lite-ning 1!). It provides comparable foot support as the Lite-nings, but lacks in comparison to the aggressive outlines of the Demolishers.

Aside from some negligible brand-name issues, I’m a satisfied New Balance customer.

Although I still prefer my Asics Lite-nings to the SDS 606, I couldn’t afford to wear out the former until I acquire a classier pair from abroad (if I decide to continue competing).

Photo credits:

New Balance

Warwick Sports


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