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Getting there (2 August 2010)

I was having second thoughts last night regarding training. With a thunderstorm threatening to unleash a torrent, I wouldn’t want to get stuck in traffic or worse, a flash flood. I shrugged off these negative thoughts. After all, the chances of the latter happening is quite remote. I was just looking for a way out, an easy way out of night’s worth or track workouts.

Luckily, the storm did not materialize into the epic deluge I imagined it to be. It turned out that the weather disturbance was just a low pressure area combined with an inter tropical convergent zone – relatively tame conditions for this typhoon-struck country.

Off I went to Moro. Traffic was lighter than usual, despite the bottlenecks in Balara/Tandang Sora. I arrived at the indoor track after a 20 minute drive.

Thank goodness the track wasn’t congested with late night joggers. Back in my college track days, my teammates and I were vigilant in maintaining clear lanes for those doing their workouts. Needless to say, injuries could arise from unfortunate collisions (knocks on wood). Hence, I’m now extra careful in doing my “Han Solo” sprints, timing my runs carefully to avoid the joggers.

Training was great, although my legs are starting to yearn for Ultra’s softer surface (Moro’s Regupol is harder than Mondo and Balsam). Although I still to need to work on my explosiveness, I was satisfied at my starts and all-out sprint effort.

Also, I need to work on my breathing during sprints. It’s an aspect I didn’t really pay much attention to back in college days. But now that I’m training alone, I’m more self-aware; thus, I notice such things.

It was a highly satisfactory workout. Tonight, I’m off to the gym to pump some iron!

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Track workout:

Running drills

2x40m falling starts

2x30m three point starts

100m, 150m, 100m, 150m sprints (5 minutes rest in between)

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