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My morning routine consists of reading the latest business news, local and foreign. Doing so is imperative in my line of work. In my first year as a bond trader, I read nothing but news about finance and the economy. Tidbits about sports, much less track & field were a rarity. Come to think of it, I’ve been out of the athletics loop since Beijing 2008 – that’s two years’ worth of track & field hibernation.

A remarkable thing happened back in early 2010. As I immersed myself in sports (basketball) yet again, I found myself browsing through my old cyberspace haunt – the International Association of Athletics Federations website. Soon enough, I was watching all sorts of track & field videos again, not just those from my past as a college-level hurdler.

I rediscovered a fountain of happiness. I no longer felt such a pretentious prick, making do with the tall man’s sport of basketball. As I picked up my spikes again, I felt so much at home. Indeed, it feels good to be honest to oneself.

Nowadays, I’m even more of a track & field geek than before. Prior to reading Bloomberg, Business World and the Inquirer’s business section, I start my morning news run with athletics updates – lots of it.

I start off with the IAAF, of course and browse through the following sites for interesting articles:

  1. European Athletics Association – in-depth and informative content from the hotbed of athletics.
  2. Spikes Mag – a lighter view on the sport. Plenty of interesting (and funny!) features.
  3. Universal Sports – An American site which has superb coverage of most major meets. I love the up-to-date video section and those fiesty blogs.
  4. Eurosport (Athletics) – mostly updates about British track.
  5. Athletics Australia – I love reading about the athletics scene down under.

Aside from the aforesaid track sites, I also follow the superb blogs of sprint hurdlers David Oliver and Derval O’Rourke since it has that personal touch devoid of most other athlete-oriented websites. I also read the following Filipino sports blogs for non-track & field content: (1) Bleachers Brew and (2) Fire Quinito.

In fact, I read so much track & field that I feel the constant urge to blog about most of the stuff I read. Thank heavens for Twitter since I could instantly post tidbits of track on the micr0-blogging site. It helps to control what little free time I have for my main blog. Besides, my blog is NOT a track & field news blog (although I post some interesting reports from time-to-time). The blog is supposed to document the travails of a former college-level athlete juggling career and training amidst the tumult of quarter-life.

With all these track & field content stuck in my head, finding a friend to talk about the latest track news is a daunting chore! In my years in the sport, I’ve only met a handful of people who can keep up with my athletics addiction!

I’m fortunate to live in this day and age of information, where everything – and I mean everything – is at the click of a mouse. Drat. That’s why I can’t stand NOT having an internet connection!

2 responses to “Track Geek

  1. Camilla August 3, 2010 at 10:35 PM

    Thanks for the advice!

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