Basketball thoughts

I’ll always be crappy basketball player. My movements are awkward; my dribbling is horrid. Although I do have a decent stroke and sound lateral movement (a product of my 2-year foray as a basketball pretender), I prefer the track to the hard court.

Once a year, however, my high school classmates and I join the Ateneo Basketball League, an alumni tournament. We had a stellar run back in 2008, when we won the Championship. In 2009, a series of injuries and other off-court engagements resulted in a mediocre season, where we didn’t even make the Final Four.

Incidentally, that was my breakout season! Even though my averages were relatively humble, it felt good to be part of the rotation – and to actually contribute to the team.

I played basketball again for the first time in four months. The physical exertion required for the hoops game is quite different from the sort of track training I’ve been doing. Nevertheless, I have a sound fitness base to work on. Although I withered after a few ball possessions, it felt good to do something different.

By late August, I’ll start rounding up the boys once again for basketball pick-up games. The road to basketball redemption is about to begin!


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