I lifted weights last Saturday night. Taking it easy, I did some plyometric exercises before the actual lifting. I felt sluggish all throughout the session. Perhaps I should warm-up longer. It was a forgettable workout.

I redeemed myself at this evening’s track workout. The hot and humid weather made warming up quicker. The fact that I wore a DriFit shirt instead of the usual singlet helped with increasing my core temperature too. After the customary running drills, I was pumped up for the speed workout ahead.

Gone were the flashbacks of my previous hamstring injury. I actually liked the way I exploded off the prone position (prone position, 50m sprint) and the 3-point stance. Hell, I was pumped up and confident after each rep.

I loved how I went about the 70m, 95% sprints as well. My legs were like pistons. I focused more on relaxing amidst the intensity. And it worked. I actually FELT fast, for a change.

All-in-all, it was one helluva GREAT WORKOUT.

Plyos (24 July 2010):

Depth jumps with bunny hop (3×7)

Box jumps (3×8)

Bounding (4x15m)

Gym workout (24 July 2010):

Bench press (3×10)

Barbell Row (3×10)

Lateral raises + Leg press + bicep curl + triceps pushdown (3×10)

Lower ab supersets

Track workout (26 July 2010):

2x50m prone starts (95%)

2x50m 3-point starts (95%)

3x70m sprints (95%, 6 minutes rest in between)


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