When I came out of retirement back in February, my original plan involved competing in the National Open (which I missed because of injury) and the PATAFA Relays. After the culmination of the latter in October/November, I would then shift my focus to the 2011 ABL season. With the fate of the PATAFA Weekly Relays still uncertain, my chances of competing is on precarious ground.

I’m tempted to just leave everything and quit the sport again. Those Bacchanalian urgings are becoming ever so strong. But then again, a booming voice bellows “GO OUT AND TRAIN” each time I feel too lazy.

During my sprints training in Moro last night, I found it remarkable that I’m still at it, almost 6 months since that fateful February afternoon. Although I find the entire enterprise absurd, to some extent, the experience of training alone has been therapeutic – and self-discerning. Just like in the years past, the couple of hours I spend training after work are the highlight of my day. Despite the deafening solitude, I look forward to all those running, jumping and lifting.

The least I can do is to continue training as if I still have a track meet to compete in. In the coming months, I’ll be riding the momentum – coasting, so to speak. Whatever happens, I’ll have the benefit of having a sound fitness base come basketball season.

With these thoughts in mind, I did an easy sprinting workout in Moro last night. I ran 4, 100m sprints at 85% effort, resting a good 3 minutes in between. I wasn’t as exhausted as my previous workouts, thanks to the shorter distance. However, the joggers at the cramped, 200m indoor oval prevented me from shifting to higher gears, for fear of hitting inadvertent fellow runners (at times like these, I miss the army of teammates I once had).

I then headed out to our good ole watering hole across the street to unwind. I had a couple of beers with a couple of friends – a refreshing change from my usual Tuesday night routine.

Track workout:

Combine running drills (Ankling + high knees, Butt kick + butt kick wall)

4x100m sprints (85% effort, 3 minutes rest-in-between)


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