Great workout!

I went to the gym last night to do some plyos and weight training. I stepped up a notch and did a complex plymetric exercise, for a change – the depth jump with bunny hop (Thanks to Simon Hunt)

I would’ve wanted to do a more event specific combination (such as the standing long jump with 10m sprint), but then again, space constraints make sprinting quite impossible at the cramped confines of the Celebrity Sports Club gym. Nevertheless, a new exercise gives that exhilarating, endorphin-pumping jolt, not to mention the sheer challenge.

After doing 3 sets of 8 reps, I was exhausted. Not terribly so, mind you, but enough to sap out my explosive juice. I decided to scrap the Olympic lifts from my program and headed straight into simpler, single jointed exercises. Since the rest of my competitive 2010 season is shrouded in uncertainty, I’ve shifted focus in building up a strong fitness base and bulking up my wiry frame.

It was the best gym workout I had in weeks, thanks to the splendid albeit short plyometric session.

My only complaint is the lack of women at the gym. No offense to my fellow male habitues, but I don’t get extra doses of strength lifting with nondescript gym rats!


Depth jump + bunny hop (3×8-10)

Single leg bounds (1×5)

Gym workout:

Bench press/leg lifts (3×10)

Full squats/pull ups (3×10)

Shoulder press/leg curl/bicep curl/tricep extension (3×10)

Ab circuit


2 responses to “Great workout!

  1. pirieandrew July 21, 2010 at 11:50 AM

    Woman certainly do liven up the concrete torture room we call the gym we call the gym. However can distract and make workouts take longer.

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