Vicious cycles and familiar faces

What the hell’s wrong with me? I think this solo training thing is getting into my head. For the better part of the day, I was debating with myself whether to train or not. I wanted to just stay home, finish viewing “Watchmen” and read a Jack Higgins thriller.

Thoughts of the track and the fine workout it provides fought with sedentary urgings. Then the doubts of this friggin’ quarter life phase reared its ugly head. This merited another viewing of that awesome Nike “No Excuses” ad.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Nevertheless, I ended up training in the Ateneo campus instead of Ultra. I made a short pit stop to my favorite outlet store in Club 650 to look for some Nike compression shorts. Unfortunately, my size ran out, so I just settled for a Nike Fit top instead. I’m updating my workout wardrobe little by little.

Afterward, I proceeded to the good ole Alma Mater. I did my warm-up run outside, enjoying the tree-lined streets’ exhilarating surroundings. I wanted to do some light running drills and bounding exercises on the Erenchun Field, but the weather had other plans. Off I went to Moro’s indoor track for some much needed sprints.

I tried doing some starting drills, but my hamstring felt funny. Perhaps, I’m still psychologically scarred from that hamstring injury. Anyway, I’ll be easing myself into explosive short sprinting. There’s no fucking rush since I have no track meets to train for!

I capped off my training day with a lung-busting 5x200m sprinting workout. In an effort to stop overeager self from exceeding the 75% effort I wanted to follow, I listened to the late Barry White‘s “Love’s Theme” (Eurosport had an ad featuring clips of Liu Xiang, Yelena Isinbayeva and other sports stars with this great instrumental song playing in the background) Weird, eh? But it worked! I followed my training goals to the letter, thanks to the maestro of love.

Halfway in my workout, a familiar voice shouted my name. I thought it was Jots. It turned out that it was my old training buddy, Carlo Ricohermoso. I was surprised at this chance encounter. The last time I saw the guy was way back in February 2010. The last time we shared the track together was on February 2008, while I was putting the finishing touches to my last UAAP.

UAAP 64 (February 2003)

It was great seeing Carlo and the love of his, Rocky, since I don’t get to encounter familiar faces that much in my Han Solo routine.

Track workout:

Running drills

5x200m sprints (75-80% effort, rest – walk 200m)


3 responses to “Vicious cycles and familiar faces

  1. carlo July 18, 2010 at 12:00 AM

    great to see you too :D sa uulitin!

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