Oliver streaks to 12.89s!

This is amazing. Oliver is amazing. After a string of Sub-13 times the past month (12.93, 12.90), big David Oliver lowered his already impressive PR by one-hundredths of a second to 12.89s at the Meeting Areva (Samsung Diamond League) in Paris the other night. The 28-year old is inching ever closer to Dayron Robles’ world record.

Robles was supposed to compete at the same meet, but pulled out due to mild injury.

Oliver outclassed the field, with Ryan Wilson way behind at 13.12.

Despite demolishing the 7th and 10th hurdle, Oliver still became third fastest sprint hurdler of all time, behind Robles and Liu Xiang.

As for breaking the world record, Oliver was the portrait of humility. “I don’t think I’m there [breaking the world record] yet,” said Oliver. “Eventually I’ll get there and everything will be perfect after I run that.”

Watch Oliver’s 12.89s race from Universal Sports

The post-race interview:

Additional links:

Diamond League article

Universal Sports article

Universal Sports photos

Photo credits:

Yahoo News


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