I was on leave the entire day. I woke up at 9am for a change. Again, I had to fight laziness. With my competition season pretty much uncertain, I wanted to revert to my erstwhile laid back lifestyle. Why toil for a sport no one seems to care about? Dammit. I’m having a hard time balancing everything out.

Why the hell am I doing this? Sure, I missed out on a gold medal back in January 2008. I was depressed for months as a result. I learned to move on. I’m way past that.

Why train? I don’t see myself running in the mid-13’s anytime soon. In a sense, my routine of short track, plyometric and weights workout borders the absurd. It’s starting to take up a good part of my limited time.

During those long walks to the MRT station after work, thoughts of the future keep bugging me. As I approach quarter-life, I have achieved absolutely nothing of significance in my professional life. It’s as if I’m stuck in some sort of quicksand – the harder I resist, the deeper I sink.

But then again, I tend to over-think things. That’s what dreamers do. And I’m every inch the dreamer.

On the bright side, it feels good to have a fit physique again. At least I can eke out a decent performance in the upcoming ABL 2011 season. This blog has also been a positive improvement in my purposeless life. Whatever happens, whatever doubts that cloud my clear train of thought, I’m glad that I’ve reconnected to an aspect of my life that I hold dear.

To move forward, I had to take a few steps back to get some momentum. I will get my act together… in time.

I still went to gym and did the following:

Gym workout:

Standing long jump (3×7 reps)

Lateral jumps on single cone (3×10)

Jerk (3×10)

Full squats (2×8-10)

Bench press/ Pull-ups (3×10)

Single leg shoulder press/ leg extensions/ leg curls (3×10)

Abs super sets (3×10)


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