“Lolo Jones vs. Susanna Kallur” by Joboy Quintos

Both athletes are without a doubt, certified track beauties and top calibre sprint hurdlers. In a hurdles race, however, my money’s on Kallur.

On paper, Lolo Jones has the better 100m hurdles time (12.43s). Susanna Kallur is five hundredths of a seconds slower at 12.49s. The roles are reversed in the shorter, indoor distance (60m hurdles), with the Swede owning the current world indoor record of 7.68s.

Photos from earclops.com and beijing2008.cn

I don’t like Jones’ tense disposition during the race. She grunts and grimaces with each clearance. In fact, Tyson Gay pointed out Lolo’s Sharapova-like grunt in a SpikesMag interview. Also, the 2008 World Indoor Champion’s trail arm hangs much too far from her body. Lolo’s hurdling style borders on the wild side; hence, she’s susceptible to race-ending errors like her unfortunate fall in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Lolo makes up for this slight facial dis-figuration with her post-race million dollar smile!

Photo from radiocontempo.wordpress.com

Kallur, in contrast, is a much better technician. How her lead arm draws a wide “C” – much like a graceful, sabre slash – is a fine example of textbook hurdling. The way her trail leg squares over those hurdles is just perfect. Sanna is also a prolific sprinter, being a consistent member of Sweden’s 4x100m relay squad. This potent combination of form and power makes Kallur one formidable hurdler.

Jones has a fine hurdling form too (she wouldn’t be World Indoor Champion if she has crappy form), albeit not as graceful to watch as Kallur because of the former’s grimace and tense demeanor.

Read up on Coach Steve McGill’s prolific piece on women’s sprint hurdling

A healthy Kallur and a consistent Jones in one race? Now that’s a must see.

Article by Joboy Quintos

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    Sorry man, I don’t know Italian. Is that Italian?

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