Drummond’s “I did not move!” fiasco

A certified classic. John Drummond and Asafa Powell gets disqualified from the 100m dash qualifying heats in the 2003 Paris World Championships. The IAAF had revised the old false start rule, allowing only one false start for each race. Any subsequent infractions would merit an instant disqualification.*

Apparently, Drummond and Powell went below the allowable reaction time of 0.1s, according to the sensors employed by the starters. See for yourself. Drummond’s wild protest is amusing albeit immature. But then again, I feel for the guy.

See for yourself and be the judge:

* This rule has been revised again at the beginning of the year. The IAAF now imposes a strict, no-false start policy. The instant one prematurely leaves the blocks, one is disqualified. Personally, I prefer the old rule.


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